Advanced gum disease can cause teeth to become loose and painful. If several of your teeth are loose or painful, they may not be able to be saved. In this instance, we can remove some of the teeth and place an overdenture. This may be the best option for preventing infection and restoring your dental health.

Before regular dentures are placed, all teeth have to be removed, which causes the jawbone to recede. An overdenture is placed over some of your natural teeth; making the denture more stable and significantly preventing bone loss.

To prepare for your overdenture, your dentist will remove portions of the teeth that extend beyond the gum line. A root canal may also be performed to remove any infection. In addition, the teeth may be covered with small metal caps for more protection. Next, we’ll take impressions of your mouth to ensure the overdenture fits precisely.

Another advantage of overdentures is that snaps or attachments can be placed in the remaining roots to aid in denture retention. Alternatively, implants can be strategically placed to replace missing roots or teeth with attachments placed into the implants to similarly enhance denture retention.

Once you get adjusted to your new dentures, you’ll be eating and speaking with confidence.